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Highmoss Safe

posted 27 Aug 2011, 13:40 by Sarsfields PRO   [ updated 28 Aug 2011, 07:32 by HighMoss Sarsfields ]
Whitecross 1-16 Sarsfields 3-12
Sarsfields have secured Division One status for next season after defeating Whitecross. The Highmoss scored 2-04 in the final ten minutes, coming from behind to win by two points. The four Stevenson brothers Peter, Richie, Michael and Colin all started, scoring 2-07 between them, though Colin came out on top in that family competition with 1-03.
This might well be the last match of the year, since the final two matches are against Clans and Cruppen who are already relegated.
Colin Stevenson takes a point
Colin Stevenson hits a point