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Sarsfields Defeat 2nd Placed Armagh Harps

posted 9 Aug 2015, 13:51 by HighMoss Sarsfields   [ updated 9 Sep 2015, 05:31 ]

Armagh League First Division Sarsfields GFC vs Armagh Harps

Sunday 9th August 2015 2pm

Final score Sarsfields 1-13 – Armagh Harps 0-12

Sunday brought on a very competitive game with our own Hoops men left with two matches to play in the next few weeks, first at home today to second placed Armagh Harps, then top of the league St Patrick’s Cullyhanna in the first weekend in September. Today would surely test the home team, with Paul Magee and Chrissy McGaughey starting out field and Tyler Crawford replacing Darran McAvoy in goals. Three Armagh players Charlie Vernon, Patrick Morrison and Declan McKenna also started for Armagh Harps, and it was McKenna who scored an early long range point for the Harps. Thomas McAlinden replied with a short range point before the Harps managed to advance an early lead with Ultan Lennon and McKenna scoring two more points. A glorious pass from Declan Breen set up Michael Stevenson to ease the ball passed the Harps goalkepper to give Sarsfields a lead which would never be overcome by the visitors. Four more points ensued from the High Moss men with help from Michael Stevenson and Eamon McGeown frees and with two close range points returned by full forward Shea Grimley for the Harps, the half time score was posted as Sarsfields 1-6 Armagh Harps 0-6.

Again it was Declan McKenna who got the visitors an early score this time setting up Ultan Lennon from a tight angle however with only one more score from Con Stephenson until the final minutes of the game, it was to be a quiet 25 minutes for the Harps forwards. The crowd gasped as an early Thomas McAlinden goal chance was thwarted as he rattled the crossbar. Over at the far side of the pitch it was Paul Magee who came between Ultan Lennon and an early goal chance with strong support from brothers Brian and Ciaran Kerr as corner backs, and with three notable wides from the Harps, Sarsfields managed seven points all from play to kill the game. Within ten minutes, Chrissy McGaughey managed two long range points whilst Michael Stevenson scored three points as he received the ball from a great run by Mark Reynolds. With two minutes remaining on the clock, the Harps managed to claw back four points with the help of subsitutes Conor Coulter and Conor White. Overall, an enjoyable sixty minutes and a valiant performance by the Sarsfields men to post a final score Sarsfields 1-13 Armagh Harps 0-12. Sarsfields play Forkhill in the Championship qualifier match on Sunday 23rd August in Ballymacnab at 2pm. Sarsfields’ last league game is away to St Patrick’s Cullyhanna on 5th September.

Sarsfields team: Tyler Crawford, Ciaran Kerr, Paul Magee, Brian Kerr, Declan Breen, Mark Reynolds, Niall Kerr, Chrissy McGaughey, Eamon McGeown, Michael Stevenson, Paul McGaughey, Kevin O’Hagan, Thomas McAlinden, Paul McGeown, Caolan Skelton. Subs used: Johnny Reynolds.

Armagh Harps team: Patrick Morrison, Rory McGrath, Conal McKee, Oisin McConville, Karol Laughran, Simon Lennon, Eoin Fields, Paul Kelly, Declan McKenna, Ryan McShane, Charlie Vernon, Con Stephenson, Ultan Lennon, Shea Grimley, Paddy McCoy. Subs used: Conor Coulter, Conor White.