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Twenty Five Year Anniversary Ceílí

posted 18 Nov 2012, 12:26 by Unknown user   [ updated 18 Nov 2012, 12:26 by HighMoss Sarsfields ]
Sarsfields Ceílí Club celebrated their Twenty Five Year Anniversary by holding a Ceílí in Sarsfields Community Hall. With the refurbishment complete the hall was looking its best and Ceílí dancers from far and wide gave a stiff test to the newly
varnished and polished floor. No doubt the dancers were glad to rest their weary legs on new luxurious comfortable chairs.
Dancing is thirsty and hungry work and sustenance was in ample supply with gallons of tea, trays of sandwiches and of course Kathleen Blaney’s renowned home baked bread. No self-respecting Ceílí finishes of the break without a generous supply of apple tarts, buns and other sweet treats and Sarsfields was no exception. However when Duntally Ceílí Band burst back into life the extra calories were quickly burnt off. During the evening Sarsfields Ceílí Club took the opportunity to make a presentation to Davey Lewsley for his outstanding contribution to the local Ceílí scene.